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Introducing "investor introduction" services

We are pleased to announce that today we are launching "Investor Introduction" services to all our Finanze Group Clients. Following a number of clients of both Finanze and Finanze Business, asking if we could help them raise private funds we decided that it was high time we launched an investor introduction service formally. It will focus on helping clients market their business to investors to raise private funding, either in the form of debt or equity. With debt, typically a private loan agreement is put in place, with security over the asset or shares and a fixed coupon to be repaid alongside the principal capital at term. An equity investment involves raising capital by selling shares of ownership in a company. This can be done through various methods, such as issuing new shares, selling existing shares, or a combination of both. The proceeds from equity raising can be used to finance a company's operations, expand its business, or pay off existing debts. It is an important source of financing for companies, especially startups and small businesses that may not have access to other forms of financing. Our Investor Introduction service is designed to help our clients effectively market themselves to our existing HNW client base that have expressed an interest in lending their funds to others. To lead this new division we have the pleasure of welcoming Emily Shepperson to the company.

Emily has successfully built and managed a number of businesses over the last 10 years. Within this time she has also helped raise six figure sums for charity organisations through public speaking and event organising. She has a dynamic skill set in communication, marketing and business development.

Emily has a passion for learning, including the mastermind program with Touchstone Education and interior design with Fabienne Milner. She is currently studying for a degree in forensic psychology. In her spare time and whilst not studying, Emily enjoys spending time with her children, coffee with friends and walks in the countryside.

She is thrilled to be joining the Finanze Business team and is looking forward to immersing herself in the world of business finance. She will be responsible for brokering all types of business finance facilities along with providing investor marketing & introduction services for clients across the Group. She will report to Thomas Bolan, Head of Finanze Business. Commenting on the appointment, Alastair Hoyne CEO of Finanze Group stated "having been involved in asset raising myself previously for fund managers, attracting someone with Emily's talent and network is exceptional. We already have clients queueing up to talk to her about their latest projects".


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